Database of EI candidate tissue-specific enhancers
Predicting Tissue-Specific Enhancers in the Human Genome
Len Pennacchio, Gabriela Loots, Marcelo Nobrega, and Ivan Ovcharenko

Original publication: Genome Research, 17(2), 201-11 (2007)

1. Signal dataset - 300 tissue-specific overexpressor genes in human and mouse genomes.
    Background dataset - 5,000 human and mouse underexpressor genes.
    Format: <accession number> <gene name> <location>

2. EI optimization:
        -- optimized TF tissue-specficity weights, human and mouse;
        -- TF occurrence and importance, human and mouse;
        -- Plots of 10 most important TFs, human and mouse;

3. Database of EI cENHs (candidate tissue-speicific enhancers).
        -- 7,187 human cENHs (text file; 773kb);
        -- 5,585 mouse cENHs (text file; 546kb);
        Format: <cENH location> <type> <list of tissue-specificity:score> <locus location>.

4. Database of EI TSDs (tissue-specific demarcations).
        -- 587,795 human TSDs (gzipped file; 46Mb);
        -- 593,549 mouse TSDs (gzipped file; 36Mb);
        Format: <cENH location> <type> <list of tissue-specificity:score> <locus location>.

5. Relatedness of human tissues is available as a web-table.
        Relatedness is defined as the percent overlap in highly expressed genes.

Note: NCBI Build 35 human (hg17) and mouse (mm7) assemblies were used in the study.