NCBI Comparative Genomics Developments :: About us

The NCBI Comparative Genomics Developments (// was established in 2003 as a collection of web-based tools for studying gene regulatory encryption in vertebrate genomes. The main goal of the NCBI Comparative Genomics Developments is to provide biologists and bioinformaticians with centralized access to intuitive and reliable applications for comparative sequence analysis, facilitating the understanding of gene regulatory mechanisms and networks across vertebrate genomes.


The resource is currently supported by Ivan Ovcharenko's research group at NCBI.


      Prof. Webb Miller from the Penn State University
      Prof. Ross Hardison from the Penn State University
      Prof. Roded Sharan from the Tel-Aviv University
      Prof. Asa Ben-Hur from the University of Colorado
      Drs. Belinda Giardine and Minmei Hou from the Penn State, and Jian Ma from the UC Santa Cruz

   Biology & experimentation
      Dr. Gabriela Loots from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
      Prof. Marcelo Nobrega from the University of Chicago
      Prof. Lisa Stubbs from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
      Prof. Benoit Bruneau from the UC San Francisco